New installations

So that installation, commissioning and acceptance run like clockwork

A new machine project is extremely complex

Our installation team never loses sight of the big picture and takes care of everything on site, from placement and installation of the machine to commissioning and acceptance.

Mechanical and electrical installation

Maintec service engineers are highly qualified and have the skills needed to professionally set up and install single machines, process lines and conveyors. They have an in-depth knowledge of the various machines along with the expertise needed to integrate the machines into complete lines at the quality level you have come to expect from Krones.

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Media pipe systems

Many production systems are not fully autonomous. They require media such as:

  • Steam and condensate
  • Water
  • Compressed air

No matter which media are used, our specialists install the media supply and distribution system with the greatest of care and in compliance with all quality standards.

Maintec will conduct non-destructive testing on the systems, should that be necessary. We use the services of long-standing partners such as TÜV Dekra for acceptance.

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Conveyor lubrication systems

Perfectly lubricated conveyors are genuine cost-busters on your production floor. They reduce friction drag and system wear, and that has a positive impact on your production costs. Maintec installs complete lubrication systems for your lines, both wet and dry.

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Foam cleaning systems

No other industry places higher priority on hygiene than food & beverage production. The production machines must be completely cleaned on a regular basis to meet all of the quality standards. Fortunately, systems are available for foam cleaning of the machines. Our service team takes responsibility for installation and commissioning of equipment for external cleaning of fillers and for conveyor cleaning.

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Commissioning and acceptance

Before production on the new machines gets underway, there is a final item on the check list, namely commissioning and acceptance. We rigorously test your line including machine interaction under actual operating conditions. You can have total confidence that you will get the exact production results that you expect.

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