After-sales service

We remain at your side long after you purchase your new machine

We remain at your side long after you purchase your new machine

If your line has already clocked up a number of years out on the production floor, the watchful eye of an experienced service engineer is essential to maximise its useful life.

Our after-sales support includes:


Our team makes regular service calls to thoroughly check out your line. You learn exactly how your machines are responding to wear & tear and in what condition they currently find themselves. Benefits to you: You avoid unnecessary effort and cost. Small repair and maintenance work can be carried out immediately, and overhauls can be scheduled for the most convenient times.

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Your lines work hard, so naturally some parts which are subject to high stress and wear need replacement from time to time to prevent machine stoppages. When work is needed to repair faults or perform condition-based or preventive maintenance, we draw up a plan with you that is tailored to your budget and your needs.

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New container shapes and sizes, different types of labelling and upgrades may be needed to bring your machine up to the latest state of technology. These are only some examples which fall into the category "retrofits". Maintec performs all conversions, handling part replacements and upgrades to keep your line in step with the latest developments. The work is done quickly and with minimum effort.

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A worst-case scenario: A machine stops working, and you have a complete production stoppage. Fortunately, you can rely on Maintec. Our service team is on site immediately to get your line running again as quickly as possible.

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Line relocations

It seems plausible that somewhere in the world there is a used machine which is no longer needed and would be the perfect enhancement on your production floor. The simplest solution would be to dismantle the machine, carry out any refurbishment work necessary and integrate the machine into your line. Maintec will do exactly that. We assist in the planning and execution of machine relocations, saving you time and money.

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